Oscar De La Hoya Wants To Return To Boxing Ring in 2022
29th November 2021

Oscar De La Hoya planned to fight this year, but COVID-19 had other ideas … yet the Golden Boy is still determined to return to the ring next year, and the fight he wants most — Floyd Mayweather!!

TMZ Sports talked to 48-year-old De La Hoya — along with his GF Holly Sonders — and asked the former boxing champ about his future in-ring plans.

“Personally, right now I’m not motivated because of COVID. I was actually in great shape and then COVID hit me, so my morale right now is a little low in terms of me fighting in the ring personally,” Oscar says.

“But come January, I’m sure I will get right back into it and start training again and prepare myself mentally first. But I do want to get out there again, possible Cinco De Mayo.”

Of course, Oscar was scheduled to fight 44-year-old MMA legend Vitor Belfort in September … but caught COVID only days before the bout, forcing him to pull out.

Evander Holyfield took ODLH’s place … and was TKO’d by Belfort in the first round.

We also asked De La Hoya who he’d want to fight.

“Who knows, it could be Floyd Mayweather,” Oscar said, later continuing … “It’s probably the biggest fight you could make today.”

ODLH previously told us he’d offer Mayweather $100 million for the fight. We asked Oscar if that money was still there for Floyd, and he said yes.

If Oscar was to fight Floyd, it’d be a huge deal not just because they’re two of the best fighters ever … but because the men have history.

They fought in May 2007 … a fight Floyd won via split decision — taking Oscar’s WBC light middleweight belt in the process.

36 minutes of fighting didn’t squash the beef … Oscar and Floyd have gone back-and-forth with trash talk over the years.

De La Hoya hasn’t been in the ring as a fighter for 13 years … a streak that could end very soon.

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