Open Post: Hosted By Grover Maybe Dropping An F-Bomb
30th December 2018

Yanny or Laurel? Is that dress blue or gold? Did Grover just say “fucking”? Finally, the stupid distraction from how shitty the world is for late 2018!

The New York Post says that some viewers on Reddit think that lovable furry-blue Sesame Street puppet Grover said “fuck” during a recent episode.

During a scene in which two characters are making a cellphone video, Grover says, “Move the camera — yes, yes — that’s an excellent idea!”

But a few viewers who can’t get their minds out of the gutter believe the blue puppet is actually saying, “That’s a f - - king excellent idea!”

Listen and judge:

Ok, when I played it the first time, I myself didn’t hear it and thought the people who did were full of shit. But then I played it on YouTube and turned it up. And yeah, it sounds like it but it’s just because Grover talks so fast? Right? Or is this like the time someone spliced porn into a Disney movie? Is Grover’s puppeteer looking for an out?

Well, in Sesame Street’s defense, isn’t it better that children learn about “fuck” from a treasured television friend as opposed to out on the non-Sesame streets?

Pic: YouTube

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