‘Oh no!’ Naga Munchetty interrupts guest in horror at spelling admission on BBC show
20th April 2021

Naga Munchetty reacts to spelling changes

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Naga Munchetty, 46, was shocked when speaking to one of her guests on her BBC Radio 5 Live morning show. The BBC Breakfast presenter interrupted them in horror as she admitted what they said was what she had “feared.”

Naga was speaking to a spelling expert on her radio show yesterday morning.

They were discussing how research has shown many children finish school without adequate spelling, leading to the International Congress of Spelling calling for a new way of spelling.

This is reportedly due to some of the difficult spelling of English words as many are not phonetic.

As a result, Naga’s guest Stephen Linstead was suggesting spelling may be changed in the future, referencing an example being “enough”.

The radio host then interrupted him, asking: “Sorry, Stephen, how is enough going to be spelt?”

When he replied, “Probably e-n-u-f-f ”, Naga then voiced her horror, saying: “Oh no!

“Oh no! This is what I feared. It just looks wrong.

“It reminds me of something that I’d see graffitied on a wall.

“Which is fine – but why change it if it works for so many people who know how these things are spelt?”

The spelling expert then explained how the current system doesn’t work.

Stephen replied: “The answer is it doesn’t work really because there are so many spellings in traditional English, which people stumble over.

“Probably about a third of words are unpredictable in some ways.


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“You can argue about individual words but the fact of the matter is that our school kids do take considerably longer to learn spelling than in other countries.

“And a lot of them leave primary school without mastering spelling completely.

“So there’s at least a case for making English spelling a little more predictable.”

Elsewhere, the BBC Breakfast host revealed she had injured herself after pushing too hard at the gym.

She explained on her radio show last week how she got carried away running on the treadmill, which left her “hobbling”.

Naga told listeners: “My lesson learnt, I went to the gym yesterday and I pushed it.

“I really pushed it, and I was so excited being back and I ran just a little bit too far.

“And I’m now hobbling today because I pulled my Achilles tendon, I think.”

She then branded herself a “fool” over the injury saying it was “really sore”.

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