NYC Protests Over Tyre Nichols Murder Boil Over, Most Demonstrations Peaceful
28th January 2023

Protests over the brutal slaying of Tyre Nichols at the hands of police boiled over in NYC Friday night, but overall the demonstrations were peaceful across the country.

Check out this footage — a man standing on the hood of an NYPD vehicle in Times Square packed with demonstrators marching against the 5 former Memphis cops now charged with Tyre’s recorded on-camera murder.

He stomps and punches the windshield, crushing the glass. Cops quickly swarm him, throwing him to the ground and cuffing him. Protesters gather around and film the arrest, repeatedly telling the officers … “Easy, don’t hurt him.”

NYPD heard the message loud and clear … the officers led the man through the crowd, asking people to back away so they could get through.

Tyre Nichols

The suspect was booked for criminal mischief. Two women were also arrested — one for making graffiti on a police car (not clear what she wrote) and the other for assaulting a cop.

More protests formed in cities across the country, including Washington D.C., Boston, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta and Memphis, where Tyre was killed. But they were all largely peaceful.

Tyre Nichols

In downtown Los Angeles, however, demonstrators tore down a barricade as police in riot-gear looked on. One protester also tossed a lit firework at a police vehicle, engulfing it in smoke. It’s unclear if anyone was injured or arrested.

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