Nick Knowles confesses he ‘never made a penny’ from his debut album
22nd February 2023

Radio X celebrate Chris Moyles’ birthday

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Nick Knowles, 60, is best known for being the frontman and presenter for the hit BBC series DIY SOS, which he has hosted for 22 years. But what many might not know is he is also a keen musician, having released his own album featuring covers of tracks including Here Comes The Sun, What a Wonderful World, and Make You Feel My Love.

Speaking with Chris Moyles on Radio X, Nick admitted he never received any money from the sales of his 2017 album Every Kind of People.

Chris candidly asked the presenter: “What did you buy with the royalties from the album, a house? Island? Lamborghini?”

Surprisingly, Nick responded: “I have to tell you, I never made a penny off of that great because I think all the money went back to the record company to pay the advance they gave me the first time, so didn’t make the money back!”

In an attempt to console his guest, Chris admitted: “Listen don’t feel bad, I was looking into this the other day, I have released two albums and I think the first one has been deleted.

“I phoned up a friend the other day to try and find out, what’s the deal with this album and he was like ‘I don’t know if anyone even knows anything about it’.

“I don’t think there is a record of it even existing.”

On Tuesday evening, he joined The One Show presenters Jermaine Jenas and Lauren Laverne to discuss his upcoming Channel 5 series Into the Grand Canyon.

During the chat, Nick candidly admitted he had to face a fear that he developed at the age of 35.

After watching a trailer for the new series, Jermaine asked: “I mean, you have clearly learnt a lot about the Grand Canyon and everything within it.

“But you mentioned earlier about the skywalk and this was a bit of a personal battle for yourself as well, wasn’t it?

“I mean you have said that you struggle with heights and stuff.”

Explaining what had happened, Nick said: “Weirdly, somewhere around the age of 35 I suddenly developed a fear of heights.”

A clip was played from the upcoming series, which saw Nick walking across the skywalk.

The TV star explained: “You can see here, you are walking on top of a 3,500-foot drop underneath.

“It was the weirdest feeling in the world and my knees were like jelly, my stomach was turning over, and my head was swimming.

“But, you have got to do it. You have got to challenge yourself and get out there and do these things.

“There are lots of things that I don’t really like, I am a reluctant adventurer, but that is the point really.”

“Challenge yourself, don’t think just because you’re 60 and as I say I am a big unit but it doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and have a go at these things.”

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