Netflix Just Dropped First Interactive 'Black Mirror' Episode
29th December 2018

Apparently, Christmas is lasting through the coming weekend thanks to Netflix!

The streaming giant delivered its greatest gift yet with a brand-spanking-new episode of Black Mirror which dropped on Friday. The freaky, choose-your-own-adventure episode is mysteriously titled “Bandersnatch.” By now, we are all weary of the morbid surprises that the series offers up on the regular, but this one is a doozy that has truly broken the mold.

Set in 1984, the story follows Stefan Butler (Dunkirk‘s Fionn Whitehead), a programmer who begins questioning reality while he is adapting a fantasy novel into a video game. Our job as the viewer is to help Stefan navigate through this confusing landscape by making choices in his place during key points of the episode. The goal is to survive by the end.

According to Netflix, there are five potential endings for “Bandersnatch,” depending on the choices you make as a viewer. However, there are several variants in each ending based off the route you choose to get there. So what does that mean exactly? Well, that sets up a trillion different permutations that a viewer could experience while watching this crazy episode.

Damn, consider our wig snatched.

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has been working on this episode for over two years now. Although Netflix has tried out interactive content before, this is the is first time it’s putting something out for adults. Discovering all the different endings and their insane permutations will surely take more than a weekend or two. So good luck, fair people. We wish you the best and hopefully you’ll make it out alive.

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