Monty Don opens up on ‘long uphill struggle’ as he updates on ‘painfully slow’ campaign
13th May 2021

Monty Don shows off his rainy filming conditions

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Gardeners’ World host Monty Don, 65, has shared an update with his fans about his years campaigning over peat compost. The broadcaster shared how it has been a “long, uphill struggle” but there has been some “progress”.

Monty opened up in front of his 228,000 followers as he updated them about his campaign.

This came after a colleague tweeted him about finding a piece he wrote about peat compost.

They penned to the presenter: “Just stumbled on this: @TheMontyDon calling for a ban on peat compost, saying it was ‘better very late than never’ – back in 2002!

“He’s still fighting for it.”

Monty then weighed in with an update on his work, admitting it had been a “struggle”.

He wrote: “It has been a long, uphill struggle! But we are getting there.”

This started a conversation among his followers, with many admitting it was a shame how long it takes.

One criticised the government over the delays in a tweet to the Gardeners’ World star.

They wrote: “Gotta be legislation to stop this craziness.

“But with a #UKGov that votes against meals for hungry kids & for caged animals, it’s gonna be low priority.

“I’m not hopeful of it before I’m feeding the worms personally.

“*Plants out seedlings in peat free compost.”

However, Monty then corrected the follower, admitting how it is in progress, despite being slow.

He continued: “Actually not low priority at all but in progress.

“These things are painfully slow but I am very confident that it will happen over the coming few years.”

In Monty’s original article about banning peat compost, he argued it was a “valuable and vulnerable natural resource” which should not be dug up.

He explained how about 95 per cent of British peat bogs had been lost to gardeners in the past century.

However, there are plenty of alternatives for people to use to stop draining the resource.

Monty wrote: “I urge you not to buy any peat products for the garden.

“Look for alternative potting composts. Make your own.

“Every time you use a peat-based compost in the garden, you are deliberately participating in the destruction of a non-renewable environment that sustains some of our most beautiful plant and animal life.

“No garden on this earth is worth that.”

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