Miranda Kerr starts her day with a ‘heavy metal detox smoothie’ & yoga
23rd September 2020

Miranda Kerr covers the September issue of Shape Magazine. September 2020, although with that hairstyle, you would think it was 1997. I’ve always thought Miranda is legitimately beautiful in a doll-like way, but that hair, yeeeesh. Anyway, I have no idea what Miranda is promoting beyond her Kora Organics skincare line, so that’s probably it. She chatted with Shape about her self-help book vibes, waking up to a detox smoothie, charitable donations and more:

Her mornings: “I wake up at 5:30 a.m. and have 32 ounces of filtered water with lemon, 32 ounces of celery juice, and a heavy metal detox smoothie . I’ve been doing kriya yoga meditation for years, along with yoga stretches. Then a shower and self­ care with Kora products. I’m done before the kids wake up, and I’m ready for my day.”

On motherhood: “Being a mother makes me feel strong. You would do anything for your children, no matter what. There’s so much strength in that.”

She’s a leader who listens: “Knowing my strengths is really important. I try my best to listen to my team, because to be a good leader, you have to be a good listener.”

Giving back: “We… support Harvest Home, a shelter for pregnant women and new mothers in Los Angeles, and the Royal Hospital for Women in Australia. As a family, we donated to 29 organizations [when the coronavirus pandemic began], and Kora is part of the BeautyUnited initiative for first responders in America and Australia. We had already been donating to the Equal Jus­tice Initiative. We also donate to Black Lives Matter and the NAACP.”

She has an 80-20 rule. “You can eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and organic produce, but being happy and enjoying that food with others is just as important. I apply that in all areas of my life. I’m like 80 percent good girl and 20 percent naughty.”

[From Shape]

When Gwyneth Paltrow talks about eating French fries and guzzling martinis, I actually believe that she “cheats” on whatever her diet is that way. But Miranda? I’m sorry, her version of “naughty” food is probably like “put two black olives on the salad, mama’s feeling crazy!” As for how she starts her day… honestly, covering all of these celebrity interviews did make me change my morning routine. I really do start every morning with regular water now, and I guess I should probably start adding lemon to it. But a heavy metal detox smoothie? Ugh. I could NOT first thing in the morning.

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Cover courtesy of Shape.

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