Million Dollar Listing's Josh Flagg Couldn't Have Sex in New House Because of Ghost (Exclusive)
10th December 2019

“It was bad. S–t scratching me at night. Horrible. We needed to get rid of the bad juju,” said the real estate developer.

Josh Flagg and Bobby Boyd revealed the supernatural is a big romance killer for the married couple.

The "Million Dollar Listing" stars bought a home to renovate and discovered they needed a seance to "cleanse the land and bring some good energy," according to a recent Instagram post.

"Well, when we walked into the house, we could no longer have sex, so we needed to get rid of the bad juju," Bobby further explained after a recent dinner date in Los Angeles.

The couple described the "bad juju" as a "dead people" feeling, with Josh adding, "S–t scratching me at night. Horrible. So bad that we literally had to rip all the walls out and move out for like, nine months. Awful."

But the couple has yet to move back into the haunted house.

We had some bad juju in our new home so @therealestatewitch came by to cleanse the land and bring some good energy. Architectural Digest, here we come!

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"Still not there! All the sage in the world can’t bring us back," quipped Bobby. "No, she’s good. She left us alone," Josh clarified.

Josh even divulged that he has negotiated the sales of other houses which may have had "bad juju" as well.

"I’ve been in like three houses that I’ve sold, personally, that there was somebody who was deceased in it, and not in a natural way."

"Yeah, that was our house," joked Bobby.

"No, the murder house was on Crescent. Remember, we wanted to buy that house?" began Josh. "There was a house on the center of the block across us and we wanted to buy it and we found out that a guy was murdered and rolled up in a Persian rug in the basement, and we were like, ‘Nope!’"

"You still wanted to buy it. I was the one who was like, ‘I’m out, It’s done!’" Bobby claimed.

"It was a good deal!" Josh hilariously shot back.

Josh, 34, started dealing in real estate at the age of 18 and joined the Bravo reality hit when it first began in 2006. He married Bobby on September 10, 2017 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

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