Michael Jackson secretly moved in with Barry Gibb: ‘He went to sleep on the floor’
5th September 2020

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Barry Gibb has revealed how Michael Jackson moved in with him in the early 2000s. The Bee Gees hitmaker has recalled what his late housemate was like, saying they used to get drunk with one another.

He’d sit in the kitchen and watch the fans outside his hotel on TV

Barry Gibb

The Thriller legend still owned his Neverland ranch when he moved in with the 74-year-old in Miami, Florida.

The King Of Pop had initially become a regular visitor, before making the move more permanent.

Barry said he never talked about the star’s court case during his stay with him and his family.

The singer-songwriter has been married to Linda Gray since 1970 and he has five children.

“He would come to Miami and stay in our house,” Barry told the Mirror in a 2014 interview.

He continued: “He’d sit in the kitchen and watch the fans outside his hotel on TV, just giggling – ‘Hee hee!’ He lived upstairs for a while.

“[It was] right before his child-molestation trial for numerous children. We never discussed the case.”

Barry went on to say how the pair indulged in wine together, and sometimes Michael didn’t even make it to bed.

He added: “We would just sit around and write and get drunk.

“Michael liked wine – there were a few nights when he just went to sleep on the floor.”

Barry said the group were “devastated” in a statement released after the hitmaker’s death in June 2009.

Robin Gibb added: “We’ve not only lost a great friend in Michael, but also lost a wonderful sensitive human being.”

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Meanwhile, yesterday Michael’s son Prince Jackson opened up about the “gruelling” experience he had while working with his sister, Paris Jackson.

He explained how he is “very proud” of her, 11 years on from their father’s death.

Michael has three children, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, 23, who is known as Prince, Paris, 22, and Prince Michael Jackson II, 18, known as Blanket.

In a new interview on ITV’s This Morning, he admitted he doesn’t have a musical bone in his body.

He began: “Unfortunately not at all!

“But, yes, I’ve just produced her (Paris) first music video.”

After Paris formed musical duo The Soundflowers with musician Gabriel Glenn, they played their first gig back in 2018.

Prince continued: “It was a gruelling four days – inspired by my father’s cinematic theme and long form music videos.”

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