Michael Irvin's Attorney Says Marriott Video Shows No Misconduct With Accuser
14th March 2023

Michael Irvin‘s attorney says he’s finally seen the video of the interaction the NFL Hall of Famer had with his misconduct accuser last month … and he claims the footage shows his client did nothing inappropriate with the woman whatsoever.

Levi McCathern told reporters at a press conference in Dallas on Wednesday afternoon he was able to view the Marriott footage this week after a court ordered the hotel giant to turn it over in a ruling earlier this month.

He says Marriott representatives wouldn’t provide him with a copy of the vid — nor would they allow him to record it. But, he said the clip — which was captured on Feb. 5 at the Arizona establishment — showed an innocuous meetup between the hotel worker and Irvin regardless.

Federal Court Rules Marriott Must Turn Over Video In Michael Irvin Case

Federal Court Rules Marriott Must Turn Over Video In Michael Irvin Case

McCathern claims you can see Irvin and the woman initially meet up behind a pole in the hotel’s lobby — before they come into clear view of the camera.

McCathern says Irvin can be seen only touching the woman four times — once with an initial handshake, twice on the elbow, and once more with a handshake to say goodbye.

“She never acts upset,” McCathern said of the woman’s demeanor on the video. “She doesn’t act like there’s any problems at all.”

McCathern then brought out two witnesses on Zoom who said they were in the lobby when the meeting went down. Both told the room of reporters they didn’t see anything inappropriate between Irvin and his accuser.

Irvin, meanwhile, was present at the press conference — and he did speak to media members … calling the whole ordeal “sickening.”

“This takes me back to a time where a white woman would accuse a Black man of something and they would take a bunch of guys that were above the law, run in the barn, put a rope around his foot and drag him through the mud and hang him by the tree,” he said.

Irvin — who later broke down in tears while the witnesses recounted their memories of the evening — added that he has still yet to see the video of his encounter with his accuser.

As for if the footage will ever be made public, McCathern filed another motion in court on Wednesday morning to get Marriott to turn over copies ASAP.

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