Melania Trump & Michelle Obama Meet Face-To-Face At George H.W. Bush’s Funeral After Diss
5th December 2018

The living first ladies attended George H.W. Bush’s funeral, and while they all got along, voters couldn’t help but focus on how Melania Trump and Michelle Obama would greet each other.

While the former presidents and first ladies remained fairly cordial at George H.W. Bush‘s funeral on December 5, a hint of the bad blood between Melania Trump and Michelle Obama was still noticeable. Former FLOTUS Michelle slammed Melania in her new memoir, Becoming. They politely shook hands and exchanged a brief “good morning” at the National Cathedral, but that was about it.

Another seemingly awkward moment — Melania did not shake the hand of former first lady, and her husband’s political rival, Hillary Clinton. The two women nodded at each other before Melania sat down. The three first ladies, along with Rosalynn Carter, sat together with their husbands in solidarity at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC and put their differences aside for the afternoon. Former FLOTUS and Bush’s daughter-in-law, Laura Bush, sat with the Bush family in a different part of the cathedral.

The last time we saw all the first ladies together, was at former first lady Barbara Bush‘s funeral. Many wondered how it would go down, considering that Melania would have to sit with both Hillary and Michelle, her husband’s political rival. Everything went swimmingly, though. While there was some noticeable tension in the room, Melania sat with the Obamas and seemed to be just fine. She even smiled while speaking to the former president. Her husband, President Donald Trump, was not in attendance for the funeral, as is typical for a sitting president. He surely would have been going wild seeing Melania having a nice time with the Obamas and Clintons!

This time, Melania wasn’t so stoked about seeing Michelle. Mrs. Obama threw a little shade at Melania recently, calling her out for her ludicrous belief that she’s the “most bullied” person in the world. Having her husband as a buffer is a “relief,” a source close to the current first lady told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Melania is actually really relieved Donald will be there with her as it will help avoid any embarrassing run-ins with Michelle Obama,” they said. “Melania always gravitated towards the Obamas previously at functions she attended solo,” but since the shade, “Melania’s feelings towards both her and Barack [Obama] have cooled considerably.”

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