Meghan Markle reveals old habit she has picked up again since leaving the UK
25th October 2022

The Duchess of Sussex has opened up about her coffee drinking habits and how they’ve changed since returning to the US.

Speaking on her latest Archetypes podcast with Issa Rae and Ziwe, the mum-of-two explained how she’s only recently started drinking coffee again.

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Shocked by the revelation, 37-year-old Issa quizzed: “What? Were you on tea?”

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“No. I didn’t even think about it. When I was on set, of course! I had Nespresso all day every day and then I didn’t drink it really in the UK… I didn’t really think about it,” Meghan replied.

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When asked about what triggered her decision to resume drinking coffee, Meghan added: “I guess because life started to come back and when guests come… and you have meetings… It’s a ritual“. 

The actress stopped drinking coffee in the UK

In the thought-provoking episode, Meghan and her guests took a deep dive into the ‘angry black woman’ trope so often portrayed in the media. The trio discussed the judgements we make about women, specifically women of colour, and why labels like these continue to exist.

Meghan’s surprise admission comes after she gave a candid insight into her family life with Prince Harry and their two children, Archie and Lilibet. In a new interview with Variety, the former Suits actress touched on her children’s favourite TV programmes.

“Well, Lili is only one, so she doesn’t watch TV,” she said of her and Prince Harry’s daughter, before adding: “But Archie, he’s loved Octonauts for a very long time.

Meghan and Harry have returned to Montecito

“It’s amazing because he’s getting more into throwback shows like The Magic School Bus. Who would have thought? He thinks it’s great. So that’s been sort of fun, seeing it through his eyes.”

She continued: “And Storybots is fantastic, it’s such great educational programming for kids, that’s fun, so many good songs. And I’ve become that mum where I am sitting around with friends and I’m singing ‘Tyrannosaurus, that’s the chorus’ and I’m like, ‘What am I singing? Oh, my gosh, I’m singing Storybots.’ I am singing Storybots, I am not singing Beyoncé in that moment, I am singing Storybots.”

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