Meghan Markle Reportedly ‘Losing Trust’ In Advisors Amid Media Fallout & Wants Hollywood Publicist Per ‘Radar’
4th December 2018

According to Radar Online, it doesn’t sound like Meghan Markle is one to just lay down and take the dirt that’s being dished on her by the media.

“Meghan wants to hire a Hollywood publicist. She’s losing trust in her advisors and feels they are hanging her out to dry.”

Whether the Duchess of Sussex will be able to secure a Hollywood publicist or not remains to be seen. Of course, such a move has never been made by a royal, and it would be interesting to know how such a publicist would shape Meghan’s media presence.

It is fairly rare for the palace to make comments about ongoing rumors. However, a statement was recently made regarding a supposed feud between Meghan and Kate over staff members, per the Inquisitr, one which simply said, “It didn’t happen.” But besides that, the palace has stayed silent about all of the drama surrounding Meghan. This includes the ongoing debacle between the Duchess of Sussex and her American family, along with all of the negative speculation about things Meghan has done — or said — to upset members of the British royal family.

The way that the media appears to have “turned on” Meghan in recent weeks isn’t a huge surprise, considering that there were a lot of problems that arose after Prince Harry and Meghan’s relationship was first publicized.

After all, NBC News noted last December that the royal pair’s relationship “exposes ‘quiet’ racism,” noting that many highlighted Meghan’s bi-racial identity. An opinion piece published by The Spectator said, “Obviously, 70 years ago, Meghan Markle would have been the kind of woman the prince would have had for a mistress, not a wife.” Also, journalist Rachel Johnson said that Meghan would bring “rich and exotic DNA to the royal family.” Meanwhile, she described Doria Ragland as “a dreadlocked African-American lady from the wrong side of the tracks.”

But besides these issues, recent media coverage has focused on a supposed falling out between Meghan and Kate Middleton. Others have taken it a step further to insist that the falling out has further affected Harry’s relationship with William.

Moreover, Meghan and Harry’s decision to move out of Kensington Palace — and into Frogmore Cottage at Windsor Castle — has seemed to cement the rumors of a falling-out between the couples, although it’s all speculation at this point.

It doesn’t help that Meghan’s American family continues to chime in with their two cents to the media. Not only that, Piers Morgan just went on a rant about the Duchess of Sussex — and accused her of “acting her way to the top,” according to the Daily Mail.

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