Meghan Markle is not 'anywhere near the superstar' of Princess Diana – designer Paul Costelloe
6th March 2019

Fashion designer Paul Costelloe has said Meghan Markle is not “anywhere near the superstar” of his friend the late Princess Diana.

The designer was in Dublin to launch the third Incognito secret art sale in aid of the Jack and Jill children’s charity.

He was one of Diana’s favourite designers down through the years and was a regular visitor to Kensington Palace, where he met William and Harry when they were children.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, he said Diana “did an amazing job” raising her two sons and they are “a credit to her”.

“I think they are fantastic. Their wives, it’s who you marry is a different situation. I think Kate seems to be very much in control and reasonable to live with.”

And while commentators regularly compare the star quality of Meghan and Diana, Costelloe is adamant who is the real deal. “I don’t think she’s anywhere near the superstar, that quality of person that Diana was,” he said.

Despite this, the designer joked he “wouldn’t refuse” to dress Meghan or Kate.

Meanwhile, 20 years after he provoked the ire of Mna na hÉireann by saying they “wouldn’t know style if it tottered up to them in 10-inch heels”, Costelloe said he never regretted his “cynical” remark so much in his life.

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