Matthew Perry Quits Charging Big Bucks On Cameo After Fan Concern Over Slurred Speech
29th May 2021

Sure, the FRIENDS reunion was a huge event, what with its bombshell backstage reveals and (somewhat random) celebrity cameos. But really this whole week has been a reunion special.

When the cast were already gathered for the HBO Max special, they made the most of it and did all the press promoting the event while they were still together. There were new stories, funny answers, surprising disagreements…

Unfortunately the most talked-about thing from the week of promo wasn’t something that was said but how someone was talking.

Starting with last week’s interview with People, which got the jump on the other outlets, fans couldn’t help but notice how Matthew Perry seemed to be speaking slowly and slurring his words a bit. Some called this out as ageism or mockery, but most of what we saw was genuine concern.

The man who was Chandler Bing (or Chanandler Bong, depending on whom you ask) has been through some pretty rough patches in his public life. Opening up about his battles with addiction a few years ago he even said he doesn’t remember about three years from the Friends days. Pretty dark stuff.

So it makes sense people would be worried about the 51-year-old’s health. But did fans push too hard? We’re starting to worry the public scrutiny may have been a bit much for Matthew as he seems to have quit Cameo.

For those not in the know, Cameo is an app that lets fans purchase personalized messages from celebs. (You can book us HERE.)

The Emmy nominee had been charging a whopping $999 for a single 20-second video message. Seems like a lot, but if he was charging a grand for a couple minutes of his time, it must have been because folks were willing to pay it. But not anymore.

While he didn’t delete his profile on the platform, the option to purchase a message is no longer available, replaced instead by a “notify me when available” button.

The question is, why would he be turning down making that much bank now?

Was the spotlight during this whole reunion too much? It can’t help that this is following on the heels of that woman from Raya outing him as possibly trying to cheat with her. Is he reducing his online profile a bit?

He’s still got his Instagram up, selling adorable Chandler-based merchandise. But he doesn’t have to interact directly with people there. He can ignore the comments. Heck, someone else could be running it.

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But with Cameo, you can’t really fake it. You know that’s the celeb.

Of course, the other possibility is that it has nothing to do with negative attention or concern but with popular demand! Maybe with FRIENDS being so much in the zeitgeist right now, he can’t possibly keep up with the gazillions of requests and had to back off temporarily?

What do YOU think? And would YOU pay $999 for a short message from Matthew Perry??

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