Mariah Carey Completes Bottle Cap Challenge In Unique Way
10th July 2019

Pop superstar Mariah Carey has exponentially raised the ante of the “Bottle Cap Challenge” that is trending across the globe by putting an entirely unprecedented spin on the latest viral internet sensation.

In a 6-second-long clip posted on social media, Carey completes the challenge – in which one is required to dislodge a loosely screwed bottle cap without touching or otherwise moving the bottle itself – not by spin-kicking, as millions of others have, but by using the sheer power of her voice.

The singer takes a deep breath and moves her arms around in false preparation for the act, but stuns her fans by singing a high-pitched note, instead, which immediately vibrates through the cap, causing it to fly off the bottle.

The singer’s attempt, some say, even dethrones that of Jason Statham‘s, whose Instagram account commented, “mind. blown.”

Meanwhile, Carey has also received a flood of comments from fans, including the likes of Rita Ora, who wrote “You win hands down,” and Ruby Rose, who said, “This is what they call a win.”

Other celebrities to have tried and successfully completed the challenge include John Mayer, Diplo and Swae Lee.

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