Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay appear to FINALLY bury feud after 20 years
6th October 2021

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Marco Pierre White, 59, and Gordon Ramsay, 54, have been known to not always see eye to eye. However, it seems some of the tension has lifted after the former paid a visit to one of the father-of-five’s newest restaurants.

Gordon posted the update on his Instagram page today, where he admitted it had brought a tear to his eye.

In view of his 12.9 million followers, the chef shared a picture of Marco with a take-out bag from Street Burger.

Alongside the snap, he penned: “So good when the Great White pop’s in for a Burger.”(sic)

He then tagged Marco and the restaurant in his post before adding the hashtag “#broughtateartomyeye”.

Gordon first got his big break in cooking when he worked under Marco, who was dubbed the “Godfather” of British cooking.

He worked at his restaurant, Harvey’s in Wandsworth, during his formative years as a chef.

However, the pair went on to have many public fall-outs over their years of knowing each other.

This seems to have stemmed back 20 years after Marco’s wedding to Mati Conejero in 2000.

At one point, Marco recalled falling out with Gordon in his 2006 book White Slave.

He recalled how he’d asked Gordon to leave when he was at Heston Blumenthal’s celebrated Fat Duck restaurant at the same time.

He shared how they were “not on speaking terms” as they publicly argued.

However, Gordon refused to comment on the claims at the time.

Marco also opened up about “severing” his relationship with Gordon in a 2012 GQ interview with Piers Morgan.

He said: “There were several things, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he arrived at my wedding with a camera crew and filmed from the bushes.

“Six months later, I watched his TV show and there he was, winking at the camera at my wedding.

“If he’d asked me if he could film some of it to help his show and career, then I would have let him.”

Many followers were left moved by the seeming reconciliation between the great chefs as they reacted to Gordon’s post.

Piers commented earlier today: “Love this… like two Dons reuniting after the war…”

“Class,” added chef Chris Baber while Chef Vineet shared a love heart emoji.

Fans also weighed in with their thoughts on the update.

User Lawrencedcook wrote: “You two friends again now?”

Robertdanimusic added: “Yous two deserve a friendship, life is too short for resentment.”(sic)

“Whoa….it’s like the Emperor meeting with Darth Vader,” penned Armsandrade.

Fan Kennyrogers_6 commented: “Has hell frozen over?”

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