Mandy Moore releases her first new single in 10 years
18th September 2019

Hey, guess what! We finally got new music from Mandy Moore. I really like Mandy and always have. I don’t even follow her career that closely, she’s just someone that I find myself rooting for every time I see her. Anyway, she teased us that she was recording new music for a while now. It’s been 10 years since she released her last album, Amanda Leigh. Sure we had the Tangled soundtrack and she covered Willin a while back, but yesterday, she released a brand new single that’s all hers. And it has a video to go with it:

I’m happy with it. I always forget how much I like her voice and it’s really strong here. The song itself is fine. The tune isn’t all that complex, but I the lyrics are. As we know, Mandy was one of the victims of her ex Ryan Adams. In addition to the emotional manipulation, Ryan sabotaged Mandy’s career as a way to assert his control over her. Not only did he convince her she wasn’t “a real musician,” he would fall apart if she worked for any real stretch of time, requiring her to come home and see to his needs. In this context, the lyrics from When I Wasn’t Watching take on more weight, “My favorite version of me disappeared/ Through longer days/ And shorter years,” and “What I became/ When I wasn’t watching/ A little lost/ A little rough/ I ask myself/ Have you had enough?” It’s powerful, right? And I love that the video has just Mandy in it. Even though Mandy gets all the credit for getting herself back to this place, it’s also nice to know that she made this music with the love and support of her new husband, musician Taylor Goldsmith. She’s in a better place all around.

She’s already tackled Mt. Everest. We can look forward to more music. Plus she has her award-winning show, This Is Us and the film Midway coming out in November, that I am very excited about. So Mandy’s standing tall after taking back her life. Good for her, she’s earned this moment. I hope she enjoys the hell out of it.

Photo credit: WENN Photos and YouTube

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