7 Ways to Make Extra Income Even with a Full-Time Job
11th September 2019

Sometimes people think that it’s impossible to earn money having a full-time job. They think that only the can bring quick cash for an emergency. Actually, this is an excellent solution for those who need urgent help but it’s not the only way out. There are also 7 ways to earn passive extra income.

Service Business for Extra Income Online

This variant fits people who have no time to surf the Internet and stay 24/7 online. Today it’s quite easy to launch a service to meet the client’s expectations. The most popular areas are freelance writing, food delivery, locksmith services, a website promoting, etc. It could become your extra income at home. The main idea is to run a website where you should describe what you are doing and why customers should choose your service. Ask them to share the information. That’s it!

Real Estate — Houses are Always Demanded

Real estate never loses value. There are three options when we speak about rent business. The first one is to become a landlord. You have a free apartment and someone can live there paying the monthly rent. The second one is to rent out that territory for commercial purpose. The third variant is to invest in a condominium in some other region or country. It might serve as a recreation place for someone who wants to rest on holidays. Don’t lose the opportunity to make your best extra income in the Philippines. Real estate investing is very beneficial anyway.

Online Resource — Your Extra Income at Home

Nowadays it’s hard to find at least someone who doesn’t turn to the Internet in case of some informational crisis. E-learning is gaining popularity daily. It’s your chance you get extra income online. You might start writing an ebook. It can be the first step to your personal growth. Sometimes this income even surpasses the one of a day job. Of course, it takes much time to create a good resource but when it’s ready you’ll see that the income is worth the effort. It can be a book or a video devoted to some extra income, how-to-do business, content marketing, etc. Load it with keywords to let a search engine like Google find your resource.

Amazon — Number #1 Resource for Businessmen

Would you like to run your own online shop to get extra income? If yes then you have to be ready to:

  • survey the demands of your target audience
  • find a worthy product for your e-commerce
  • provide high-quality customer service
  • establish a fine reputation
  • promote your site and supply it with a virtual assistant

It demands much time and efforts. Instead of all that you can ask Amazon to sell your items. It has a reputable platform with regular clients. Easy and quick!

Sharing Economy for Extra Income

Sharing economy is always one of the best ways of earning extra money. One can easily get from a few hundred to even a few thousand dollars. Moneylenders can earn extra income when giving personal loan in the Philippines due to the charge called interest rate. Here you might look for online platforms like Airbnb to lend the things you aren’t using at the moment. Airbnb, Sailo, Turo and other websites offer apartments, vehicles, cameras and lots of useful things for rent. A user rents it and returns it back. Some people get minimum wage when dealing with such sites.

What about Hosting an Event?

One more successful concept for cash earning is hosting an event. First, it should be free to acquire a group of active followers. It’s necessary to think of the topic that could attract people and meet their interest. Later it’s important to look for speakers who can win the attention of everybody. Book a room in the hotel, conference room, or a cafe. Offer a course of prominent ideas concerning hacker matters, life hacks, marketing, passive income, etc. Make it outstanding!

Not New Extra Income Ideas: Use the Skills you Possess

Americans suffer from occupational stress and stress because of lack of cash. Scientists have proved that nervous disorders are often the result of the bad employment situation and low salary. There are many extra income ideas which might help everyone get rid of financial stress. One of them is to work when resting. Is it possible? Of course. Just turn your hobby into a profitable business. In case you prefer online shopping or surfing the web, you could get a gift card provided by cash back programs. Those who pay bills using a credit card might get cash bonuses according to some special offers and annual fees.

Are you fond of researches and writing? You may become a freelance writer. Register on freelance websites, post your CV, sample papers, and price list. It’s legal and approved by jurisdiction. Be ready to share your income providing income tax. The website also spends much on promotion and needs to cover financial expenses. Gain the image of a highly reputable freelancer and you’ll get many clients. Later you can employ other writers to broaden your service and earn passively. It will be your business. Customers will order papers and pay for them. Your task is to distribute them offering your price to less popular freelancers. That’s called a great marketable skill.

Find your own way to enrich yourself and stop waiting for a miracle.