Made In Chelsea’s Nicole Berry’s dad ‘shocked’ as she asks Tristan to ‘show her Big Ben’
11th November 2021

Made In Chelsea star Nicole Berry opened up on her parents watching her dating scenes on the show.

The Canadian model is new to the hit E4 must-see, and in a chat with OK! she candidly admitted her dad had been left taken aback by one of her remarks.

During a date with co-star Tristan Phipps the stunning blonde 24 year old, who is new to living in London, asked if he'd show her Big Ben.

However the innocent question was perceived very differently by Nicole's friends and family back home in Toronto.

In fits of laughter, Nicole told us: "It's very strange knowing my dad is watching. I was mortified when I made a silly comment to Tristan.

"I was on a date with him on the show and I said a comment like 'oh, are you going to show me Big Ben?' I genuinely, genuinely meant Big Ben like the clock. Everyone was like 'you are so funny,' and I was like 'what, why?'

"My dad was like 'Big Ben, Nicole? Really?' Bless him."

Nicole's question was taken as a rude remark by her nearest and dearest, but despite the initial shock, the star admitted her dad is actually very laidback when it comes to dating talk.

She continued to tell us: "He's a funny guy and open-minded and finds nothing awkward and would sit down at the dinner table and ask about our sex lives. Luckily, if anyone was going to see that scene then I'm actually OK with him seeing, but I didn't mean it like that."

Nicole cheekily added: "I'm still yet to see that clock!"

Despite going on a handful of dates with Tristan, things haven't taken a turn to the romantic for her and the Made In Chelsea hunk.

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In recent scenes, Nicole and Liv Bentley were seen hatching a plan after Tristan messed both the girls around.

In one clip, Nicole says to Liv: "He wanted absolutely best of both words. Well congrats you had two peaches now you have zero."

In her chat with OK! the Chelsea newbie admitted she has a tendency to laugh in awkward situations, which can "get her in trouble."

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Nicole said: "I am the worst at laughing in inappropriate moments. There was one episode where someone was pouring their heart out and I started laughing. Five of my friends sent it to me like 'Nicole!'

"They know when I feel uncomfortable I laugh. It's not me being like 'ha ha funny,' I just get uncomfortable and laugh."

Discussing her involvement with the show, the model shared: "Things are more complicated when there's an audience. I think sometimes it's good because you're almost more accountable.

"We find things out by watching the show. No one has said anything bad about me yet. There's another new girl on the show too and we went through that process together. In our head we only have our scenes but then think about all the other scenes going on that we don't see.

"Even if people are saying nice things, it's still strange. I find it weird seeing my name around all of a sudden."

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