Loose Women star shares huge career update after quitting show
30th September 2023

Former Loose Women panellist Saira Khan was a huge hit with viewers during her five years on the ITV daytime series.

And now, three years after her dramatic exit, which she claimed was due to producers trying to make her sign up for OnlyFans, she's announced an update to her new career venture.

The 53-year-old, who regularly takes to Instagram to update her fans on her life, has told them that she is running a new skincare venture called SAIRA and shared pictures of herself using it.

She captioned her post: "I am finally doing what I love, running my own business, working on it full time, engaging with my customers and just loving every single minute of it.

"Yes it’s hard, relentless, uncertain, unpredictable, challenging and it sucks every penny from you – but I honestly wouldn’t change a thing, because it makes me happy, makes me think, learn and importantly it gives me a purpose.

"I wake up every morning looking forward to putting in another day’s graft to help someone improve their skin. The rewards for me are simple – messages from my customers that give me the confidence and self belief to carry on."

She added: "The challenges are real, that’s what I love – finding ways to overcome the obstacles – sometimes I put my head in my hands and think 'what the f**k am I actually doing? I’m 53, in a saturated market, with no backers and a young family!

"Then I’ll get a message from a lady whose used my products on her rosacea, which has knocked her confidence for years and finally, because of my products, she feels she can be herself again and not hide or be embarrassed – I’m reminded of why I’m doing this.

"Believe me there are much easier ways to make a living, but as many business owners will tell you – where’s the fun in 'easy'?"

Ending her announcement, she wrote: "To all my customers, you have kept me going through Covid and now through these difficult times – you are the wind beneath my wings – thank you, thank you, thank you."

Fans and customers offered their support in the comments to Saira, revealing that they loved using her products.

One person said: "Well done Saira!" while a second added: "Glad things are working out well for you".

A third penned: "Loving how my skin is feeling 3 weeks on from starting using your products correctly and religiously."

It comes after Saira admitted to receiving death threats for posting bikini snaps but says she "won't stop" as she loves that she is fit and healthy.

In an interview in August with Closer Magazine, Saira said that she has received death threats from people online after she has shared bikini-clad pictures.

Saira has said that she loves the way she looks and is happy to be "fit" and "healthy" but she has still received the horrible abuse online.

She told the publication: "I’m so proud to be in a bikini, yet in my culture I’ve experienced death threats for showing myself. I can’t tell you how much trolling I’ve had."

However, despite the trolling which has also included threats made against her life, Saira is defiant and says "bring it on" as when people own who they are, they can change the world.

In one such bikini-clad post on Instagram, Saira wrote: "I once got a death threat for posing in a bikini. I mean, I know I’m no bikini model – but surely it doesn’t warrant a death threat.

"As you can see, it didn’t scare me – I will never stop encouraging women to be at one with themselves, their bodies and their lives – misogyny has destroyed the confidence of so many women and encouraged us to judge each other and divide us based on our physical attributes!"

It comes after Saira revealed the real reason she quit Loose Women – claiming bosses tried to make her join soft porn site OnlyFans as a PR stunt.

Speaking to The Mirror, Saira told how the “shocking” request was the final straw in what she says was a string of desperate bids to get publicity for the ITV show as ratings dropped.

Saira added bosses "cared more about viewing figures than her mental health" and said that she was asked to have a mould made of her vagina for a Body Stories campaign.

Since the allegations came out, ITV denied the claims and told The Mirror that “duty of care is of paramount importance for all of our panellists”.

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