Lizzo denies split from long-term boyfriend after unfollowing him amid lawsuit scandal
11th August 2023

Lizzo has denied a split up from her long-term boyfriend Myke Wright as the star's scandal surrounding a sexual harassment lawsuit continues to rumble on.

The singer and Myke began their relationship in 2021 after a sizzling friendship for five years before that.

The duo had instant chemistry after co-hosting their MTV live music show Wonderland together in 2016, and after finally getting together, they seemed to be going from strength to strength.

It appeared that Lizzo has opted to unfollow her former beau on Instagram, according to The Sun, and after a quick scroll, it's also clear that she has decided to delete the pictures of them together.

However representatives for the star later denied that the pair have split.

It comes as Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson, is being faced with a lawsuit from three of her former dancers, which she later broke her silence on.

The performers have alleged sexual harassment and a "hostile" work environment, and are also suing Lizzo's production company and dance captain Shirlene Quigley.

It's also claimed she made them do an "excruciating" audition, following her claims that they were drinking alcohol whilst working.

The dancers who filed the lawsuit also claimed that Lizzo, who is a big champion for body positivity, berated a performer for "putting on weight".

Myke's ex-girlfriend Brooklyn Elizabeth Brown also came out of the woodwork recently to claim that Lizzo treated her poorly and stole the Moxie musician from her.

In a lengthy TikTok video that she shared last week, Brooklyn Elizabeth told viewers that it was "heartbreaking" what had happened because she was with Myke for "10 years".

“I supported him through everything and when he finally got a big break, he left me for Lizzo," the social media user said.

A source also told The Sun that Lizzo has been taking the past few weeks "very hard" and as a result, her relationship with Mike had "suffered".

“They had a big falling out and she is really upset," the insider went on to claim.

“Both of them have thought of themselves as soulmates, so for it to end has been hard on them.

“Those close to them are hoping they will make up," they added.

Lizzo and Myke made their relationship official in 2021.

The musician, who just released his album Moxie, accompanied Lizzo on her Special Tour all around the world, before the tour dates came to an end last month.

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