Little Leaguer Undergoes Successful Skull Surgery 12 Days After Bunk Bed Fall
26th August 2022

Little League World Series player Easton Oliverson has taken yet another huge step toward a full recovery from his terrifying bunk bed fall … his family just announced he underwent successful skull surgery Friday morning.

Oliverson’s relatives shared a picture of the 12-year-old — who suffered severe injuries in a near-fatal fall in the Williamsport dormitory on Aug. 14 — showing the little boy resting comfortably in his hospital bed after doctors replaced a piece of his skull that they initially removed following his accident.

Little League World Series Player In Coma After Fracturing Skull In Bunk Bed Fall

“This sweet boy is out of surgery.?,” the family said in a caption on the photo. “We couldn’t be any more thrilled to let everyone know that his surgery went perfect.”

Oliverson’s family also said in the social media post that doctors “are very happy with the outcome” — adding that Easton would be staying the night in the PICU for observations.

“THANK YOU for the thoughts, prayers, and messages concerning this procedure,” the said. “Easton, his parents, and our entire family will be forever grateful ??”

“We are so grateful.”

Easton has slowly but surely recovered since he needed emergency surgery earlier this month … taking his first bites of food and his first steps just days after suffering the injuries.

He’s even been spotted playing catch with stuffed animals in his hospital room.

Easton’s family said Thursday they anticipate him returning home to Utah soon “if he continues to work hard and listen to his doctors.”

“We would like to ask for very specific prayers that his doctors will feel confident in every step, and that Easton’s body will continue to react well.”

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