Linkin Park’s ‘Pictureboard’ To Feature On Reissue Of Debut Album
5th October 2020

Linkin Park‘s “Pictureboard” is set to feature on the reissue the band’s debut album Hybrid Theory, due out on October 9.

The release will mark the band’s 20th anniversary. The Linkin Park band members took part in a special online interview with host Matt Pinfield on September 29 to discuss the recording of the album and shared memories surrounding its initial release.

“Fans have known about ‘Pictureboard’ for about 19 or 20 years. They’ve known of the existence of it, but didn’t know at all what it sounded like,” said Mike Shinoda during the session.

“There’s so many songs … why is there so much focus on this one?
You’ve never even heard it,” he pondered, marveling at fans’ determination to uncover the track.

“We’re very excited for [fans] to hear it,” Shinoda added. “It was almost that the occasion had to be of big enough significance that it was worth doing all those things. This was that occasion.”

The forthcoming Super Deluxe edition of the album will contain five CDs in all, including the original Hybrid Theory album, and a B-side rarities set with 12 previously unreleased tracks, and Forgotten Demos set with 12 unreleased cuts.

There will also be three DVDs, a super vinyl deluxe set, an 80-page illustrated book with contributions from the band, replica tour laminates, a poster of Chester Bennington and three lithographs from Shinoda, Hahn and art director Frank Maddocks.

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