Lily Allen Gets Candid for New Sex Toy Launch: 'I've Certainly Brought Toys Into My Relationship'
22nd October 2020

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Lily Allen wants you to talk about masturbation (and no, she doesn’t mean the Zoom dick incident). The British singer, songwriter, and author has released her own vibrator, the “Liberty,” in partnership with the German sex toy company, Womanizer. The goal? To close the masturbation gap between men and women.

“Societal pressures are put on us as women, especially when we’re talking about pleasure,” Allen tells Rolling Stone. “I think it’s annoying, but the way we get away from those things is by normalizing them, and that’s what I’m here trying to do.”

Available now on, the “Liberty by Lily Allen” is a portable handheld device with six different intensity levels and “pleasure air technology” to help women climax without any direct contact. Instead, the device uses waves of massaging patterns and gentle suction to help stimulate and arouse your sensitive areas. Available in a “Rebellious Pink” colorway, the Liberty is fully-waterproof, discreet enough to pack for a vacation and lasts up to two hours on a single charge.


Liberty by Lily Allen, $99, available at Womanizer

Allen says first started exploring sex toys while on her Sheezus tour just over six years ago. Though she experimented with a number of brands, Allen says Womanizer stood out to her above the rest – so much so that the brand even got a shoutout in her popular memoir. Small, stylish, and lightweight, Allen says the “Liberty” is the perfect toy to help women challenge the myths surrounding masturbation that they may have absorbed in their own lives.



“People kind of like to put masturbation underneath the ‘sex’ umbrella,” says Allen. “It sort of automatically goes to a place of like, ‘Well, you must be doing this because, you know, male failures.” For Allen, that’s far from the truth. “Not everyone’s in a relationship,” she states. “Sexual pleasure is not necessarily something that has to be enjoyed with somebody else.”

That’s not where the misconceptions end. If you do have a partner, that doesn’t mean toys like the “Liberty” can’t provide some relief as well, contrary to common thought. From her own experiences, Allen recommends embracing them, either with your partner or on your own.

“I’ve certainly brought my toys into my relationships,” she confesses. “They can make things definitely a fun experience.” Adds the newly-married Allen, “I haven’t seen my husband in five weeks — that doesn’t mean I’m not going to have orgasms!”

According to Womanizer’s 2020 survey, American men masturbate 244 times a year while American woman report that they masturbate just 98 times per year. This doesn’t even include the one-third of women who don’t masturbate at all. For Allen, the female masturbation gap is the result of a society that caters overwhelmingly to male pleasure. Considering that the reported gap in libido is less than one full point on a ten-point scale, her conclusion holds powerful truths.

“I think that female pleasure in itself is a taboo subject,” she says. But even Allen hasn’t always been able to break the taboo in her own life. She recalls that until her late twenties, she was one of the one-in-three who didn’t masturbate at all. “I found it actually quite difficult to get myself to a place of pleasure,” she admits, “until I found toys.”

Allen knows that by partnering with a sex toy company and unabashedly advocating for female masturbation, she runs the risk of backlash. But she says she’s never felt more passionate about a project. “I feel like this is an extension of how I’ve always sort of lived my life, which is in a fearless way and wanting to tackle issues head-on and start conversations,” she says. “Really, and truly, it’s not something to be ashamed about.”

The “Liberty by Lily Allen” retails for $99 available for purchase now from Womanizer and

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