'L&HH' Star Masika Kalysha Wants No PDA in Kids' Movies, TV or in Person
22nd October 2019

Ex-‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Masika Kalysha is taking her crusade against sexuality in children’s programming one step further — she doesn’t want her kid to see PDA anywhere.

Masika, who has a little girl with Fetty Wap, joined us on “TMZ Live” Tuesday for an interesting discussion on parenting … defending her IG rant against Disney shows and movies showing PDA of any sort — be it hetero or homosexual.

She insisted her stance is in no way anti-LGBTQ.

Instead, Masika said she’s trying like hell to shield 3-year-old Khari Barbie from ALL signs of affection — even in real life.

She says she’s not OKAY with Khari even seeing parents kiss goodbye, and doesn’t allow any friends visiting her house to kiss in front of her daughter!

The way Masika sees it, she should be allowed to guard her kid from cursing, kissing and alcohol in any way she sees fit … and she’s got loads of issues with the content kids are consuming from a young age.

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Sounds like little Khari won’t be watching Dad’s music videos any time soon.

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