Lele Pons Makes It Official With Boyfriend Guaynaa!
14th December 2020

Lele Pons and her boyfriend Guaynaa are officially dating!!

If you’ve been keeping up with either of their social media accounts, you would have noticed that the 24-year-old social star and Latin music artist, and the 28-year-old rapper were definitely a couple, but they finally made it official this past weekend.

“MINE ❤️ (it’s official) @guaynaa,” Lele wrote on Instagram with cute photos of the pair.

“Babe!’ @lelepons ❤️😍⛄️🎿⛷,” Guaynaa added on his account.

The two have been spending a lot of time together over the last few months after working together on the song “Se Te Nota.” Check out the song right here.

Back in October, they even went out to celebrate 100 million views on their music video, and while snapping a photo at dinner, they got photobombed by a popular TikTok couple!

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