Laura Tobin reads ‘offensive’ tweets from critics who ‘don’t have enough to worry about’
18th April 2022

Laura Tobin discusses climate change letter to her daughter

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Good Morning Britain meteorologist, Laura Tobin, 40, has hit back at viewers who criticise her on social media. The mother-of-one said people will point out if she has “said a word wrong” or phrased something “incorrectly”.

She explained in an exclusive interview with “It has happened forever, since the beginning of me broadcasting the weather.

“I always feel like those people haven’t got enough to worry about if that’s what they’re worrying about.

“I always read all those things on Twitter that say, ‘Don’t read this, it might be offensive’, because I want to know what people are thinking and if there are a minority of people who think those things, I think it’s really important to address it.”

When asked whether reading all the criticism is distressing, Laura said that it has “never upset” her.

The presenter continued: “If people are thinking those things I can reply with science and show them the truth.

“There is no agenda to what I am saying, climate change is getting closer to us, and we need to start worrying.

“The UK uses the most plastic per person behind America, so we are really bad.”

Laura’s comments follow the release of her book, Everyday Ways To Save Our Planet.

It offers simple changes that everyone can make to be more sustainable and kinder to the environment.

Discussing her motive behind writing the book, Laura explained: “I want everybody to stop and think about what we do, how we live our lives, and how over consuming we are because of habit.

“Just go through the book in whatever order you want and see what changes you can make… like brushing your teeth with a bamboo toothbrush, using toothpaste tablets, or washing your face and body with shampoo bars.

“We know climate change is happening, we know it is real and we know we are causing it. If you just do one [change] a week or one every day, the more you start doing them the more you will want to do.”

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Laura said that her Good Morning Britain colleagues have been “so supportive” of her new venture.

She explained that Susanna Reid had been particularly encouraging and even lent a hand during the book’s launch earlier this month.

Susanna hosted the event which saw her and Laura chat about the simple changes everyone can make to be greener.

On approaching Susanna to help with the launch, Laura explained: “I like to chat, so I thought we need to give people the answers to the questions that they want to hear.

“I spoke to Susanna a while ago and told her that I would love it to be in conversation with her and she said, ‘Ok great!’ She is always really supportive.”

The weather star also invited Piers Morgan to the event, but he couldn’t make it because he was in Los Angeles at the time.

Nevertheless, he has still thrown his support behind his former colleague and said he would “love to see a copy” and that he is “happy to do anything to help”.

Laura adds: “[Piers] was really chuffed for me, he has always been a big champion of mine.”

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