Lady Gaga Reveals The Reason ‘Shallow’ Was A Hit Song
4th December 2018

The singer opens up about the significance of the ‘A Star Is Born’ single.

A box office smash and rumored frontrunner at the upcoming Academy Awards, things are going well for A Star Is Born. And that also goes for its soundtrack, which is topping charts with the hit single “Shallow” by star Lady Gaga. But what’s the secret to the track’s massive success? The singer recently opened up about why this particular tune hit such a chord with audiences.

In an interview with Variety, Lady Gaga explains that “Shallow” is significant not just for its powerful lyrics, but in how it was presented to the audience. The first scene in which audiences hear the hit single features Gaga singing the lyrics to co-star Bradley Cooper — they also share an intense conversation about music, life, and creativity. And that, to Lady Gaga, is the key to the success of “Shallow.”

“This is a conversation between a man and a woman, and he actually listens to her,” Gaga explained. “And I think we live in a time when this is something that’s really important to women. Women want to be heard.”

And heard she was, as the single soared to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, achieving international acclaim. It’s been just another factor in the whirlwind of success for A Star Is Born. The film, which charts the love affair between a rising musical star and a fading legend, has received intense critical acclaim — and as award season starts, it looks like the movie is going for gold.

The film has already garnered 18 awards and 51 nominations, and the season has barely begun. It’s also been nominated for an impressive 9 Satellite awards, and looks to be a common presence at awards show this entire season. Lady Gaga and Cooper (who also directed the film — often in character) are both receiving tons of accolades for their brave, raw performances.

All of that hints that A Star Is Born is primed for a very exciting Oscar season. Experts believe the film could sweep all of the big awards — including a Best Director nod for Bradley Cooper. Considering its track record so far, it’s safe to say that “Shallow” will be a solid contender for the title of Best Original Song.

Even if it doesn’t bring home that particular award, Lady Gaga and “Shallow” have already made history. A Star Is Born debuted at number one in the United States. That means Lady Gaga stands as the only woman with five number one albums in the United States in the 2010s. Now that’s something worth bragging about!

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