Kimberly Guilfoyle And Donald Trump Jr Set To Spend First Christmas Together At Mar-A-Lago With The President
13th December 2018

Donald Trump Jr. and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle are spending their first Christmas together this year. Yesterday, the pair attended the Daily Mail holiday party where the former Fox News host told the outlet that they would be joining each other’s families and ringing in the holiday together. Trump Jr. is the father of Donald III, Tristan, Spencer, Chloe, and Kai while Guilfoyle just has one son, Ronan.

“We’re looking forward to quality family time—playing with them, everyone getting to relax—especially coming after midterm elections so much.”

Guilfoyle went on to say that since this season has been so political for the two of them, it will be nice to relax a little bit with family and focus on the things that really matter. She also compared their merged families to that of Modern Family and the Brady Bunch.

Trump Jr. chimed in to share that his kids made really long lists this year but he’s planning on teaching them that you don’t always get everything you want, meaning that they won’t get every box on their Christmas list checked. Trump Jr. says that they will be spending some time with his father, President Donald Trump, over the holidays and it will be nice to see him in a more “relaxed” environment since things are usually really tense at the White House.

And when it comes to gifts for each other, Donald says that he has already gotten Kimberly a gift but it’s a “secret.” He also shared that he spent a lot of time and money picking out the present for his lady so many people are wondering if it could be an engagement ring or perhaps some other piece of jewelry.

According to CBS, the group is headed to Mar-a-Lago in Florida where President Trump often spends time. Donald Trump and Melania will be there, likely with son Barron. It is unclear if Ivanka Trump and her family will also make the trip to the lavish Florida resort.

According to Trump Jr, there will be some golfing involved in the getaway if his children have anything to do with it.

“My kids love to play golf, so I’m sure they’re going to try to drag him onto the golf course, which will be both interesting and tortuous.”

During an interview with CBS, Trump Jr. also accused his dad of being an infamous re-gifter. Since he and his father share the same name and initials, Trump Jr. says that he would often get re-gifted monogrammed things from the billionaire.

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