Kim Kardashian Responds To Criticism Of Her SKIMS Maternity Collection: 'Not To Slim But To Support'
13th September 2020

The new maternity line for Kim Kardashian West‘s famous SKIMS collection of slimming and body shaping undergarments hasn’t even launched yet, but it’s getting a TON of criticism online!

There has been so much social media chatter, in fact, that Kim herself took to Twitter on Sunday afternoon to address some of the questions and controversies brought about by fans and followers wondering about the feasibility of wearing slimming wear during a pregnancy.

Cool, calm, and collected as she reasoned her position for releasing the SKIMS line specifically for women going through pregnancy, the (soon-to-be former) star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians wrote out a full thread of tweets to address things.

As you can see (below), Kim makes her case that the line “provides support to help with uncomfortable weight being carried in your stomach which affects your lower back,” rather than just simply working to slim someone while they’re expecting a child:

Well that’s quite the explanation! Especially to come so soon one day after announcing the new line… not great!

But are you buying it?! After all, plenty of fans and followers didn’t think much of it to begin with, thereby creating this controversy in the first place!

Reactions to KKW’s thread there were mixed, as you can read (below):

“‘Slimming’ pregnancy? Okay then…. In a Society of females who aren’t confident enough in their natural bodies. Let’s make the most natural part of us covered up.”

“I’m 29 weeks pregnant and so excited for this line! I have had awful round ligament pain with this pregnancy and I’m also having a c-section…praying I get one before they sell out!”

“Excuse my ignorance but who’s trynna shape their pregnant bodies? Y’all don’t like being comfy and free and loose when pregnant? It’s pretty much the only time you can be as shapeless and free and comfy as you want!”

“All maternity cloths are one form of solution wear or another!! People are always finding an excuse to complain!!! Kim’s just trying to be inclusive and people get mad. Get off the internet and go take a damn nap!!”

“I’m sure that’s the one thing pregnant women need above all! Being pressed to a slimmer figure…”

“Who has a problem with maternity Shapeware ?? Lmaooo people really be mad for f**king nothing”

Hmmm… talk about mixed feelings!

Where do U stand, Perezcious readers?! Do you understand the product as is, or do you think it needed to be re-thought before being announced? Would you ever wair a pear, or nah???

Sound OFF with your take on this whole pregnancy brouhaha down in the comments (below)…

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