Kim Kardashian really wore Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress to the Met Gala
3rd May 2022

Truly, I didn’t believe the rumors. For weeks now, people have been theorizing that Kim Kardashian would wear Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Happy Birthday Mr. President” dress to the Met Gala. I thought “no, that’s impossible, it’s probably in the hands of some private collector.” I was wrong. The dress – which Marilyn was famously sewn into on the night – is part of the Ripley’s Museum, and they lent it to Kim… briefly. Kim was very careful with this iconic piece of fashion history, to her credit. She never intended to wear the dress for more than the length of the Met Gala carpet, and that’s just what she did. She changed into it just before the carpet, walked the carpet and then changed into a replica in a bathroom/dressing room before entering the museum. Kim was adamant: she never intended to sit down or eat in the dress. So it’s fine. It looked good on her honestly. She’s short and curvy like Marilyn, so the dress fit her like a glove. Oh, and Pete was her date. Do you think he even realized that they were out of Washington and this wasn’t the WHCD?

Bonus: Kris Jenner in Oscar de la Renta, trying to channel Jackie O. I actually appreciate the fact that Kris mixed it up and went for a real Americana look, but I kind of think she was off-theme and… whatever. Her jewelry was f–king gorgeous though, her diamond earrings were HUGE. (Oh God I just realized that Kim did Marilyn and Kris did Jackie, what a MESS.)

Photos courtesy of Instar, Avalon Red.

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