Kerry Katona blasts Ant McPartlin after his drink-driving shame
4th March 2019

Kerry Katona has slammed Ant McPartlin after he returned to his career like ‘nothing happened’ following his ban for drink-driving and his admission of drug addiction.

The 38-year-old claimed that male celebrities, such as Ant, get far less criticism for their bad behaviour whereas Kerry has to ‘crawl’ her way back up to the top.


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‘I’ve had to work my a*** off to save my career yet with Ant, eight months later he’s back winning awards as if nothing has happened,’ Kerry told The Mirror.

‘He was driving a car p***** up and could have killed a child and he had his issues with drink and drugs.’

Ant was given the biggest fine in history for drink-driving when he was ordered to pay £86,000 and given a 20-month driving ban in April after crashing while over the limit.

He later checked into rehab for his addictions but was welcomed back into the spotlight to host Britain’s Got Talent alongside TV partner Dec.

And then despite Ant not appearing on TV for most of 2018, he and Dec won the National Television Award for best TV presenter for an 18th year.

Kerry has struggled with substance abuse issues herself in the past, famously making an incoherent appearance on This Morning in 2008.

She blamed the incident at the time on the side effects of the medication she was taking for bi-polar disorder.

Kerry added: ‘When I was on This Morning 10 years ago slurring my words due to bipolar medication, I’m still today crawling my way back up that ladder again. People don’t let me forget that.

‘The whole This Morning incident, the drugs, the men, that’s not my legacy, that’s not who I am.’

While Kerry admitted she is ‘proud’ of Ant for turning his life around, she believes she is given a harder time because she is a woman and a single mum.

She said: ‘When men have a breakdown or they do something bad they’re forgiven like that but when a woman has a breakdown or they turn to drugs, especially if you’re a mother you’re not as easily forgiven.

‘Being a mum, especially being a single mum, who has bipolar and mental health issues, who was a drug addict, I get his criticism and judgement.

‘But look at Ant and people like Russell Brand and Robbie Williams, even the Rolling Stones, it’s all cool for them to be ex-drug addicts or have kids with different women.’


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