Kenneth Petty Gets Nicki Minaj’s First Name ‘Onika’ Tattooed On His Neck & Fans Are Dragging Him
22nd December 2018

Kenneth Petty has gone way extra in showing his love for GF Nicki Minaj. He got her real name ‘Onika’ inked in giant cursive letters on his neck and fans are trolling the couple over it.

Nothing says true love like getting a massive neck tattoo for someone you just started dating. But that’s exactly what Kenneth Petty has done in honor of girlfriend Nicki Minaj. As if this relationship with her newly connected high school sweetheart hasn’t gone from zero to 100 at warp speed, on Dec. 21 he had the rapper’s real name “Onika” inked in massive red and black cursive lettering on the side of his neck. Nicki made the big reveal in an Instagram video where she’s seem primping a blonde wig while staring at her reflection. Then she asks “Did your tat hurt?” and swings the camera around to show off the new ink as he tells her “not at all.”

What’s crazy is that this is Kenneth’s VERY FIRST TATTOO! Yes, he has managed to go through 40 years of life — 10 of them in PRISON — without ever getting any ink on his skin. He did a nearly four-year stint in jail starting in 1995 for first-degree attempted rape and another seven years in the mid aughts for manslaughter. Yet he waited until Nicki came along to get permanent body art. And on his NECK where the entire world can see it. Not like on his arm or somewhere he could hide it if they break up.

Needless to say the Barbz who were already not too happy about Nicki dating a registered sex offender are dragging her over Kenneth’s blatant show of attachment. “Ahahah watch they break up tomorrow” one fan wrote in the comments while another said the former convict was “just securing the bag.” Another thought he took things too far with the tat, writing “It don’t take all that to love a person. Just your heart & loyalty.”

Some fans are still questioning the quick nature of their relationship, as it came out of nowhere. Nicki made Kenneth Instagram official on Dec. 9 with a pic holding onto him. Then on the Dec. 13  she posted a photo of them together the night before at her 36th birthday dinner and she claimed he proposed. She captioned it, “He want me to be his wife – his MISSIS like SIPPI NOW.” While that’s a line from her song “Majesty,” she rocked a diamond ring on THAT finger the following day. She even has it on in the video of her BF’s tattoo! Now Kenneth has shown his ultimate devotion with Nicki’s real name inked next to his face. “Oh no…not on the neck. I know we get in our feelings and want to show our love but at our age we should know this was a dumb move,” another fan scolded Kenneth while one laughed “Okay but when y’all break up…this will be real funny.”

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