Katy Perry Drops ‘Not The End Of The World’ Video Starring Zooey Deschanel
26th December 2020

Katy Perry released a music video for “Not the End of the World,” featuring Zooey Deschannel, on Monday (December 21).

“Not the End of the World” is a song from Katy’s sixth studio album, Smile, which came out in August.

“BREAKING NEWS ??#NotTheEndOfTheWorldVideo IS HERE!!!! Link in bio,” Katy wrote on Instagram.

The video, directed by female duo Similar But Different, shows Deschannel being accidentally abducted by aliens that were searching for Perry.

Deschannel tries to convince the aliens that she is not Perry but fails in her attempt. She then dresses up in Perry’s iconic costumes and eventually saves the world by pulling the plug on the world’s internet.

Deschanel and the aliens celebrate the event, chanting, “Katy! Katy! Katy!” She is then seen performing the song in celebration.

“It’s not the end of the world/ No, not the end of the world/ Throw on your fancy attire/ Fears in the fire/ Don’t lose hope/ It’s not funeral we’re attending/ Actually just the beginning/ Throw on your fancy attire/ Fears in the fire/ Don’t lose hope,” she lip syncs in the celebratory concert

Katy created the concept of the visual while on maternity leave and chose Deschannel to do the role.

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