Kate Middleton has ‘lonely position’ but Royal Family see her ‘as their asset’
8th October 2023

Kate Middleton is an "incredibly successful import into the Royal Family" but she is in a "lonely position", a royal expert said.

The Princess of Wales has certainly taken on more responsibilities since the Queen died last year, alongside her husband Prince William, with the royal couple now seeking a CEO for their household. As one of the highest-ranked royals in popularity, Kate has "charted her own waters" in her "unique role" since joining the Royal Family as an "outsider".

Royal expert Tessa Dunlop spoke exclusively to OK! about Kate's position and said: "I think in some ways, Kate feels probably quite lonely.

"She's left the category of a lone ranger or rich girl from her home county and has become this sort of stratospherically famous, influential individual and I think that's probably quite a lonely position.

"Which is why she's lucky she's got a good relationship with her mother and a very good one with her sister."

Historian, writer and broadcaster Tess went on to say: "Kate has very much charted her own course in some respects, she's an outsider.

"She's an incredibly successful import into the Royal Family and bought into the institution of monarchy, almost like no other outsider has and reaffirmed its sort of conventional parameters."

The royal expert reflected back on Princess Diana's death and said "She had died before she got to Kate's age, they (the monarchy) haven't had a Kate.

"Kate is now in uncharted waters in modern history and I think that's worth bearing in mind.

"The future Queen consort's role is an incredibly influential one and this is all about soft power". Tess added that before, we had Prince Phillip but "he's not a very good example as he was a man" and so Kate is the first in this type of position for a long time.

Tess continued: "We know the way the family lean on Kate, they clearly see her as their asset in a way, she looks more contemporary, she has more of the common touch and she certainly polls very well".

The Prince and Princess of Wales are currently searching for a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for their household, the traditional term used for the position is Master of the Household. The forward-thinking move is a first for members of the Royal Family and comes after Kate and William have taken on more responsibilities since the Queen's death last year.

The job description states that the successful applicant must "bring a track record of strategic and cultural leadership in complex, fast-paced settings, and the ability to demonstrate core values of discretion, humility, integrity, and diplomacy", as well as have a "low ego". They will head up around 60 people and be answerable to the royal couple themselves.

Talking about their search for a CEO, Tess said: "Part of that, isn't just because they've got a large household of 60 people, but also to have someone, not necessarily to have someone standing with them, but someone who can advise because not very many people will begin to understand Kate's role, it's unique.

"It's going to be a bigger role than their individual private secretaries, it's almost as an overseer, if you like.

"So it doesn't surprise me they're getting a CEO."

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