Kat Von D Opens Up About Breastfeeding Struggles In Instagram Post
6th December 2018

Kat Von D took to Instagram yesterday and shared a video of her baby boy, Leafar, breastfeeding. In the post, Von D wrote an honest caption about the struggles of new motherhood, and shared how the infant had difficulties breastfeeding.

“During the first two days of Leafar’s life, his blood sugar count had been low, and as much as I had committed myself to strictly breastfeed, my milk hadn’t come in yet. The pediatrician suggested asking around to see if any friends might have a bit of extra milk they could donate – and if not, I’d have to consider supplementing with formula – something we personally did not want to do,” the makeup artist wrote.

She went on to admit that, with the help of her midwife Sara Howard, a stranger came to Von D’s aid in the middle of the night and donated some of her own breastmilk so that Leafar could continue to thrive in line with the families wishes. The kind stranger, fellow mother Morgan Campbell — who Von D shares her midwife with — also adheres to a plant-based diet. Von D praised Campbell in her Insta post, and boasted about the community of motherhood, and how grateful she is to both Howard and Morgan.

“This is true community. True sisterhood. True kindness. And I can’t wait to pay it forward one day soon,” Von D wrote. Morgan reposted Von D’s sweet video to her own Instagram page, and said that it was an honor to help out the new family. She went on to say that her body has given her the gift of breastmilk, and how important it is to share it with those in need.

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Meet our beautiful baby boy, Leafar Von D Reyes. Thank you to all our beloved friends+family, fans+followers for your patience in us announcing his long awaited arrival! To be honest, my husband @prayers and I want to take the next 40 days [the 4th trimester] to focus on the baby and our amazing relationship transitioning into amazing parenthood – so, please excuse us if we’re not on here as much for a little while. Just know we love you all and thank you for all the words of love+support! ????

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Von D, 36, and her husband, Leafar Seyer, welcomed their first child earlier this month. The couple took to Instagram earlier this week to share the first picture of their bundle of joy. In a goth style snap, Seyer — in head-to-toe black — held up his name sake in front of a noir, antique style carriage.

The famous tattoo artist, who is Vegan, made waves when she publicly announced that she had decided against vaccinating their child, the Insider reported. Fans were quick to turn on Von D, and many called for a boycott on her makeup line. The post, which has since been deleted, was followed up with a similar snap of her and Seyer holding hands. She said in the follow up post that she and her husband are not anti-vaxxers, but as a first time mom, she needed to listen to her instincts.

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