Karen Among Top First Names to Vote Biden, Richards for Trump
2nd November 2020

President Trump and Joe Biden are hoping to get the votes of millions of Americans, but some first names are better than others for each candidate — and, naturally, Karens are right in the middle of the action.

According to a new NY Times study of 102 common first names … women named Karen in 18 battleground states are 60 percent likely to vote for Biden, which was the highest among the top 10 most common female names.

On the Trump side of the coin … Nancy is most likely to vote for him, at 57 percent.

When it comes to the men in these states, Trump is a favorite among the Richards — y’know, tricky Dicks — at 64 percent, with Thomas trailing closely behind at 61 percent.

In fact, most of the top 10 most common male names prefer Trump, but Christophers and Josephs are 50/50 on the candidates.

As for the names outside of the top 10, here’s a fun one — Donalds love Donald the most … at 68 percent. Patricks, on the other hand, are the most pro-Biden at 65 percent.

Janets are most likely to be Trump supporters at 64 percent, and Sarahs go with Joe 68 percent of the time.

Of course, what’s really in a name? It’s kinda ridiculous to draw a correlation between your political stance and the name your parents randomly gave you decades ago. Anyway, it’s at least entertaining.

Go figure. And, go vote.

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