Kaitlyn Bristowe's COVID Contraction Story Proves We All Must Take Quarantine WAY More Seriously
27th December 2020

It’s safe to say Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick have probably learned their lesson…

The former Bachelorette shared a shocking reveal along with a depressed selfie just before Christmas Day this week, revealing that she and Tartick had tested positive for coronavirus. And the way they caught it just proves how contagious and dangerous this disease is — even if you’re very careful about quarantine during the pandemic.

On Thursday evening, the 35-year-old shared a selfie (above) along with this message about how she and Jason contracted coronavirus (below). In it, she revealed that just by hanging out with one single friend, she opened herself up to the incredibly contagious virus:

“Unfortunately, this is our Christmas card this year. We have Covid. Jason and I had been trying to quarantine before seeing family. We thought we were making a responsible decision to have ONE person over, who had been tested daily for work. Negative tests 4 days in a row. The day we saw her, she became positive which we all found out the next day. Now, like many, we will spend Christmas by ourselves. We just want to let everyone know that we thought we were being safe, but covid is bigger than us. Today, We are thinking of everyone who is spending the holidays alone, anyone who is sick or overcoming something, (as 2020 has taught us to overcome a lot), and all of the healthcare workers who have been away from family, taking care of others for months, and months now. We will be ok!! Be safe and happy holidays!!”


The Dancing With The Stars champ’s boyfriend also shared his own video post on Instagram, as well. Along side his video, the 32-year-old former reality TV star and businessman wrote:

“We had a responsible quarantine plan in place so that we could see my family for the holiday. Shame on us, we didn’t stick to the plan. We made an adult decision to allow a friend over during the quarantine time bc for a project she was working on she was required to be tested and showed 3 negative tests in a row for her work. On her way home Sunday, her Saturday morning test came in positive. You just can never be too cautious and careful. There’s no outthinking this god awful virus, lesson learned. Thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been impacted by Covid, to those who have endured a challenging 2020, to the healthcare workers putting their lives on the line everyday for others and to those who are family less during the holiday.”

Here is Tartick’s full video, BTW, in which he also explains some of the symptoms these two are going through right now:

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The next day, Kaitlyn shared an old Christmas photo from the previous year (2019), reveling in simpler times before the pandemic:


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If we had only known at the time…

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Lesson learned here, right?!

U cannot outrun this virus! Stay home, stay isolated, stay safe, and stay smart! We WILL get through this together… but it’s going to take some more time!

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