Justin Timberlake Is Postponing The Rest Of His 2018 Tour Dates
7th December 2018

For the past nine months, Justin Timberlake has been touring North America and Europe on his Man of the Woods Tour. Sadly, it looks like the only person who will be treated to Justin’s mugging in the foreseeable future is Jessica Biel, as he recently announced that Man of the Woods is about to become a Man in His House.

Justin had to postpone a few shows in October and November due to bruised vocal cords. Justin’s vocal cords were so beat up, he gave a totally-silent interview (aka his most tolerable ever) when he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last month. Yesterday Justin posted a note on Instagram explaining that his doctors want him to continue to keep healing, and want him to rest his voice for the rest of the year.

Justin’s first show back is scheduled for January 4th in Washington, D.C., with shows almost every other day until the tour wraps on April 13th in Connecticut. So until then, if you really want to hear Justin Timberlake’s broken gym whistle voice, you’re going to have to throw on some old NSYNC albums. Then again, there might be a solution for all those Man of the Woods fans. It’s not a good one, but as they say – Timberbeggars can’t be choosers.

E! News reports that shortly after Justin posted his announcement, Jonah Hill jumped into the comments and offered to fill in for JT:

“I have decided to fill in got JT on his remaining dates. It’s what we do in our incredibly small circle of people with extraordinary voices. Feel better. I got you until you do.”

Justin reportedly wrote back: “Well guys…I was gonna wait for my next post to unleash this wonderful news. BUT…you heard it here first. Jonah crushes ‘Mirrors’ too so you guys are gonna LOVE IT. Thanks man!

Jeremy Renner also chimed in with a comment about Jonah having “killer dance moves.” That settles it. I’m sure Jonah Hill was just joking, but now I’m sure we all really want to see him perform an entire series of concerts as Justin Timberlake. Jonah Hill is a serious actor who commits 200% to the transformation of a role. I don’t know if I’d pay $60 to see Justin, but I would definitely pay $60 to see Jonah Hill doing as much Justin as humanly possible, by which I mean ramen noodle hair and a head-to-toe denim ensemble singing about bringing sexy back.

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