Justin & Hailey Bieber Star In DJ Khaled & Drake’s ‘Popstar’ Music Video
4th September 2020

Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Bieber wake up in bed together at the end of DJ Khaled‘s new music video for “Popstar“!

The 26-year-old “Yummy” singer filled in for his pal Drake, who is the featured artist on the track.

Also featured in the music video include Justin‘s manager Scooter Braun, and internet stars King Bach, Timothy DeLaGhetto and Adam Waheed.

In the beginning of the video, Khaled keeps bother Drake to make a music video and Drake expresses his frustration to a friend that he can’t do the video because he’s stuck in Canada. He then says, “I mean, there’s one thing I can do for sure, but I have to call in a favor though.”

At the end, Justin and Hailey wake up, and he says he had this crazy dream that Drake asked him to be in a video. They then take their dog for a walk when Justin gets a call from Drake, with his ringtone set to Justin’s hit song “Baby.” LOL!

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