Jon Gosselin Says Collin Filed A False Police Report For THIS Childish Reason – But Kate Doesn't Believe It!
11th September 2020

Jon Gosselin wants you to know his son Collin is a liar! Oof, not the best look for an accused abuser tbh…

In a new interview with, the former reality star vehemently denied the reports that he’s being investigated for child abuse after his 16-year-old son took to Instagram to allege that the 43-year-old kicked and punched him during a violent altercation earlier this month.

Jon told the outlet:

“It’s not true, I would never hit Collin, ever. I love him with all my heart.”

As we covered, there seemed to be conflicting reports on whether Gosselin was the subject of an ongoing investigation from the County of Berks, Pennsylvania Child & Youth Services (CYS). While Jon’s rep denied that a CYS probe was ongoing, Kate Gosselin was quick to tell People she had been notified by the agency that her ex husband was under investigation over the incident.

Well, according to the UK outlet, the police and CYS did look into what happened at Jon’s Pennsylvania home; however, the case was apparently shelved within 24 hours.

As for why Collin made those claims in the first place? Jon alleges that the teen severely twisted the truth — and even made a false report to police — because he simply wasn’t getting his way. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum told the publication:

 “I really didn’t want to have to come out and talk about this for Collin’s sake, but when Kate is in the media attacking me, calling me a child abuser, I have to defend myself. I love my son and I would never hurt him.”

Jon claimed that his teen son, who is dealing with mental health issues, started fighting with his sister Hannah, also 16, in the car on the way home from a dentist appointment on September 2 before the situation escalated.

He shared:

“It was just like sibling rivalry stuff, but when we got home things escalated into something different… Collin got very upset and started acting out so I intervened. He started throwing stuff at my car, denting it and shouting f**k you. I was angry and I confronted him and then he threatened to run away. We’ve had problems with Collin in the past running away and I was worried, he was upset so I restrained him.”

This is where Jon’s story and what we heard from People‘s report diverge. When he says he just “restrained” Collin. Doubling down on his claims that he didn’t hit the teen, Jon continued:

I didn’t punch or kick him, I restrained him, which he obviously wasn’t happy about. He’s 16, he’s a 16-year-old boy. I restrained him and then I backed away, because you never want to restrain your kids, it’s the most heart-wrenching thing you ever have to do.”

Gosselin claimed he then drove away from the house to give his son some space to calm down — but his daughter called minutes later, saying the situation was only getting worse. He recalled:

“Hannah called me and said Collin’s going to call the police. So I turned around, I came back and he called the police. He told them I punched him in the face and kicked him in the ribs. And I was like, I didn’t do any of that stuff. He was just pissed off because he didn’t get his way. He was out of line and he’s just making stuff up.”

Jon said an officer soon arrived and interviewed the family. Hannah, who witnessed the incident, sided with her father, telling investigators he never hit Collin, as Jon claimed:

“Hannah saw the whole thing and she gave her statement and I gave my statement. Hannah told them I didn’t hit Collin and the police could see there were no marks or bruises on him.”

Jon said the officer accepted his and Hannah’s version of events but was still required to report the incident to CYS. The next day, the former reality star was told by his lawyer that any CYS investigation had been dropped and no further action would be taken by the police.

But he still wanted to punish Collin for his shocking behavior, so Jon said he decided to take the teen’s Xbox and some other stuff out of his room — which is what he thinks prompted the boy to make the abuse claims on social media.

Jon explained:

“You can’t just go about doing things without consequences. But then he threatened to do an IG post if I don’t give his stuff back. So now he’s using leverage. I said, ‘I don’t care, I’m still gonna discipline you.’ I told him I loved him, but it’s just the way it’s got to be.”

Collin posted the claims anyway, infamously telling his IG followers:

“Yesterday beat me up and thought nothing of it, he punched me in the face and gave me a swollen nose and I started bleeding. He then continued to kick me in the ribs after I was on the floor. He is a liar.”

The allegation was picked up by media outlets before Collin took it down, and the drama reached Kate shortly after. Naturally, the TV personality did not take the allegations lightly. She told People on Friday in response to Jon’s denial:

“Until I receive the letter in the mail from CYS about whether they’ve deemed the allegations founded or not, it is ongoing. My point of contact at CYS has not told me otherwise, so I have every reason to believe it is still ongoing.”

In his chat with DM, Jon reacted to Kate’s initial response of being “horrified” about the claims. He said:

“The article was wrong, it said there was an ongoing investigation which there isn’t and they only took Collin’s words from the police report. Kate was fueling it, sticking the boot in… She hasn’t seen Collin in five years and now she’s going to try to come out as the caring mother when in fact the reason Collin is struggling with mental illness is because she abused him. He has PTSD because of her. So I’m not going to sit back and not defend myself or my family.”

What. A. Mess!

Hopefully everything’s sorted out as soon as possible.

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