John Stamos Jealous of Late Co-Star Bob Saget Because of This
2nd October 2022

Blown away by how loved his co-star was before his death, the ‘Full House’ actor has gotten his inspiration from the late star for his latest onscreen role.

AceShowbizJohn Stamos thinks Bob Saget was unaware of “how loved” he was before his death. Starring alongside late comedian Bob – who was found dead in a hotel room back in January at the age of 65 after accidentally hitting his head – on the classic sitcom “Full House“, the 59-year-old actor mused about how much he longs to see his former co-star again.

“When he went, you know, like the tsunami of love that this guy received blew all of us away. It was the only time I’ve ever been jealous of him ’cause it was like, wow. But the bummer was, he didn’t know. I don’t think he knew how loved he was. And I wish that you could sort of bring him back and sit him down and … you know, read everything,” he said.

However, the “Fuller House” star went on to insist that Bob is looking down on everyone and joked that if he listens carefully enough he can hear his former co-star and friend “complaining” from above. He told UsWeekly, “I’m sure he’s seeing everything. ‘Cause I can hear him complain sometimes if I’m very quiet from heaven. He’s like, ‘What, why did you say that, John?’ “

Meanwhile, John has returned to acting in the sports-themed series “Big Shot” on Disney+ and explained that he is using Bob – who is survived by his wife Kelly Rizzo and his daughters Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer, from his former marriage to Sherri Kramer – as a source of inspiration for his role as a football coach.

He said, “I wanted to sort of tap into what I felt about Bob and then Marvyn feels about his legacy. And then, you know, the girls then throw him sort of a memorial at a graduation, but they bring people back and … he realizes how…what he meant to everybody. And mainly he says to his daughter, ‘You are my legacy.’ So that was nice that we got to do that.”

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