Joe Biden leads Donald Trump 53% to 42% in new, post-Sanders polling
10th April 2020

CNN conducted a poll soon after Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign this week. While it’s only April and everything is on fire, the numbers are looking pretty good for Joe Biden? By that I mean, almost everyone believes Biden is the guy. Everybody except… dudes. Although the dude-split was nowhere near as huge as the chasm with female voters.

More women would rather see former Vice President Joe Biden get elected in the 2020 election than President Donald Trump, according to data from a CNN/SSRS poll released Thursday. Women surveyed overwhelmingly gave Biden their political support with 62 percent saying they would vote for Biden if the election were held today. Trump was behind by 30 points at 32 percent.

Men chose Trump to continue into his second term as president although the margins were closer. While 51 percent of the men surveyed supported Trump, 44 percent gave their support to Biden—a difference of only 7 percent. Overall, the poll showed that Biden held a lead over Trump. Biden received 53 percent of the support of those polled, leaving Trump with 42 percent of the voters surveyed inclined to vote for him.

[From Newsweek]

More from CNN: “Biden holds an edge over Trump as more trusted to handle several key issues, including the response to the coronavirus outbreak (52% to 43%), health care (57% to 39%) and helping the middle class (57% to 38%).” Which… makes me believe that even though everything is on fire and we’re in the middle of a once-in-a-century pandemic and Donald Trump is literally the worst f–king Nazi ever, the actual presidential election will be sort of standard Democrat-vs-Republican. The Democrat always does better with women and always has better numbers on health care and middle-class issues.

Meanwhile, for weeks there’s been a lot of hand-wringing about how Biden is being drowned out by Trump’s daily “briefings” but guess what? Trump’s poll numbers are tanking BECAUSE of those makeshift Nazi rallies. The NY Times has a story about how Republicans are quietly growing disconcerted with Trump’s daily performances and they think (correctly) that because Trump is putting himself front-and-center (because he’s a narcissist and he can’t help himself), he’ll be blamed for everything corona-related in the eyes of voters. Which is good stuff, because it ACTUALLY IS HIS FAULT. Basically, Republicans are like “whoa, we might be blamed for a bad economy, a terrible reaction to a global pandemic and our unhinged racism, get out of town!”

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