Jodie Marsh’s new Freddie Mercury tattoo looks a lot like Chris Kamara
13th August 2019

Jodie Marsh has been ridiculed on Instagram after revealing her new Freddie Mercury tattoo – because it looks nothing like the Queen frontman.

The former glamour model turned bodybuilder showed off her newest inking in a video on her profile, captioning the post: “And my new tattoo!!!!!!!!! It’s Freddie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Done by Georgia at @blackorchidtattoostudio !!!

"I love him so much!!!!! It’s my favourite photo of him from Live Aid!! Love love love !!!!”.

The 40-year-old’s post was immediately inundated with comments – but they probably weren’t what she was expecting.

The trolling began after one guy commented “Why have you got Chris Kamara?” and dozens of fans followed suit saying they also thought it was the popular football analyst.

And frankly, it all went downhill from there as people began piling on their own hilarious comparisons.

Suggestions of who the tattoo could actually be of included cartoon character Nigel Thornberry, Borat, Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the lovechild of Chris Kamara and Jeremy Beadle, Lionel Ritchie and Barack Obama.

One concerned fan even asked "Has he been in an industrial accident?”, with others questioning why the tattoo version of ‘Freddie’ had claws for hands, extra fingers and a melting face.

Fans implored Jodie to get the horrific ‘tribute’ covered up immediately and slammed the tattoo artist repeatedly for the shoddy work.

The tattoo was carried out a new studio opened up by a personal friend in Warwickshire.

It’s not the first time Jodie has been inked by pal Georgia either.

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