Jimmy Kimmel’s Daughter Took A Shit On Jennifer Aniston’s Lawn
7th December 2018

That’s not a nice way to say you didn’t care for her movie career, baby Kimmel! Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston are neighbors and friends have for Friendsgiving celebrations together. On Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, Jimmy gave Jen a hard time for not mixing it up this year when she hosted and basically serving the same shit he had the next night on actual Thanksgiving. I didn’t know Friendsgivings were for Buffalo Wild Wings take-out, but whatever. Jen finally had enough and lobbed the critique back at him – namely, she wants his daughter to stop  confusing her backyard a toilet.

Jimmy was a little tired of turkey, yams, and stuffing and wants Jen do stuff like a Mexican-themed Thanksgiving (“Graciasgiving”) or some shit. But speaking of shit, Jen then had a request of Jimmy:

“Listen, I’ll make a deal. If we do this, can we talk about your children not using my back yard as a bathroom?”

Oh! Seems like a fair trade. Well, actually, if Jen is serving Mexican, maybe we can’t be so sure. Jimmy’s wife, Molly McNearney, told Jen about how their daughter, Jane, dropped a deuce where no deuce should go – a year after it went down:

“They said, ‘We have to tell you something that happened.’ And they said last year, ’cause Jane was a lot younger, she took a shit in the backyard. Right next to the beautiful pool.”

I guess the poop ‘n scoop rule applies to  toddlers, too. Molly and her sister got doggie bags from Jen’s house – THREE of them – to clean up after little Jane. I mean, at least it wasn’t in the pool, so people should calm down. Jimmy and Jen’s neighborhood sounds like a real Melrose Place since Kendall Jenner lives across the street from Jimmy. I guess Jane could have gone to pop a squat there, but Kris Jenner would have made her sign a release to be featured on E! and fork over 45% of all future earnings.

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