Jeremih ‘transferred out of intensive care’ amid coronavirus battle
21st November 2020

Jeremih has been transferred out of intensive care after being in a ‘critical condition’ earlier in the week as he battles coronavirus. 

The singer, 33, is on the road to recovery according to his family, who say he has been moved out of ICU and onto a ward. 

Jeremih’s family shared the news with TMZ, saying he will spend the rest of his recovery in a normal ward where his ‘true healing’ is set to begin. 

A rep for the Birthday Sex star had told Variety on Thursday that Jeremih – real name Jeremy Phillip Felton – had been taken off a ventilator but remained ‘critical’ after contracting coronavirus. 

He confirmed: ‘J was just pulled off the ventilator. He’s still in ICU in critical condition. Please keep him in your prayers.’

Following this positive step in his recovery, Jeremih’s family sent their thanks to friends and fans who had sent good wishes and prayers his way. 

Celebrities and fans alike had sent tributes to Jeremih after his family had revealed he had been hospitalised. 

They told CNN in a statement at the time that the virus has ‘viciously attacked’ his body and led to complications. 

His family added that the complications were ‘rare for a young man Jeremih’s age without any underlying conditions’.

The statement continued: ‘His family would like to remind the world that Covid-19 is real and not to be taken lightly.

‘Also, it’s important for people infected to quarantine and let their families and friends know ASAP. 

‘There’s no shame in contracting Covid-19 and people that have it need to be responsible and considerate of others.’

With him now being moved out of intensive care and onto a regular ward, it appears to be a positive step in Jeremih’s road to recovery. 

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