Jamie Redknapp on ‘perfect’ wife Frida as he shares divorce struggles
22nd January 2023

Jamie Redknapp opens up about his new relationship

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Jamie Redknapp, 49, married Frida Redknapp, 38, in 2021 with the couple also welcoming their first son, Raphael the same year. The Sky Sports pundit gave a real insight into his “perfect” marriage while also lifting the lid on his near bid for “Love Island” after his divorce from ex-wife Louise Redknapp.

I would have been doing that Love Island!

Jamie Redknapp

Jamie appeared on Saturday night’s edition of the John Bishop show alongside Gabby Logan and Judi Love.

John asked Jamie at one point during the show: “What stage do you go I gotta let the world know this is happening or I have got to protect this as long as I can?”

Jamie replied: “Well if I’d not met Frida I would have been doing that Love Island retreat you were talking about.

“I would have been signing up for that!”

The former professional footballer was married to Louise Redknapp, with the pair announcing their divorce in 2017 after 19 years of marriage.

John also asked Jamie if he “struggled” to meet anyone because of people judging him due to being in the public eye.

Gabby Logan jumped in: “I think Jamie really struggles with women, don’t you?

I think it was your birthday [John Bishop] and we were in a very well-known bar and it was a big fashion show.

“Lots of gorgeous women were coming in and lots of them were chatting to Jamie. He then turned to my husband Ken and he went: ‘It’s not as good as it looks, honestly’.”

Jamie then lifted the lid on how he and Frida met and how happy he is in his marriage.

He concluded on the subject: ” One of my best friends introduced us so that made it quite easy.

“Frida had just gone through a divorce a couple of years ago. He said: ‘You guys are made for each other, you’ve got the same interests’.

“And yeah, thankfully she’s incredible, she’s a great mum, ticks every box, it’s just perfect! I’m very lucky.”

The reasons behind Jamie’s first divorce were never made public, however, his father Harry spoke out about the “difficult” time.

In a joint interview with his wife Sandra, Harry reflected on Jamie’s divorce from Louise in 2017 after 19 years of marriage.

He said to The Sun: “It was difficult when Jamie and Louise got divorced because both sets of our parents were married until they died, so we weren’t used to that.”

Louise previously admitted that she hadn’t dated anyone since her split due to her focus on her two sons.

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