Instagram’s New Update Tests Horizontal Scrolling Instead Of Vertical & People Are Furious
27th December 2018

Instagram users are upset with the app after its new update! IG conducted a test, which featured horizontal scrolling on new feeds instead of its usual up-and-down scrolling! Users were so angry with the update that IG responded! Here’s what happened!

Instagram is on swift damage control after a new “small-scale” update went out to more IG users than expected on December 27! The update added a new tap-to-advance feature, which allowed users to scroll through posts horizontally, instead of its usual up-and-down (vertical) scrolling. But, the app soon found out that the update only angered users, which caused a firestorm of negative online reviews.

“NO INSTAGRAM NO,” one user pleaded on Twitter, adding, “[I] don’t like the new way to go through my posts!! I want to scroll up and down, not side to side!!” Another wrote, “Wow I hate this, @instagram Why do you have to play with my feelings so early? I want my old scrolling ways back”. Other clever fans pointed out that “you can’t hate your Instagram update if you never update your phone.” While that might’ve been a quick fix for the IG issue, we’re not sure if that would’ve helped with the phone’s overall speed and working abilities.

Instagram has since issued an apology for its unexpected update. The new horizontal scrolling feature apparently went to more users than expected, which caused the social network to quickly pull the plug on the test. Adam Mosseri, the new head of Instagram, responded to angry users on Twitter and explained that the horizontal-scrolling feature was “supposed to be a very small test that went broad by accident.” However, it “should be fixed now.”

While Instagram has since retracted its update, some users were able to capture what it looked like. Take a look at the above and below tweets to see what once was!

If users are still seeing the horizontal feature, Mosseri advised to simply restart the app. He also tweeted, “Sorry for the confusion! Always trying new ideas, usually with a much smaller number of people…” In more replies to users, Mosseri added that Instagram is “always trying new ideas.” But, this one might’ve not been the app’s best. Can you imagine if we had to scroll right and left to see Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose‘s IG pics, instead of up-and-down. Sheesh!

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